Healthy urban design and planning

The concept of healthy urban living is technically and socially broadening. The classical health protection (environmental hygiene policy) is now supplemented with health promotion (public health policy) and well-being and quality of life (sustainability policy). The research therefore focuses on challenges and opportunities for improvement of health and well-being in (sustainable) urban development. Amongst others we try to identify the (causal) links with urban design and planning, effective technical, spatial, and social interventions, and relevant practices and impact assessments. The studies focus on building environment, public space, transport and (active) mobility, green and blue infrastructure, physical and social determinants, climate change and adaptation, and sustainable use of energy, food, water and resources. The research will study the responsibilities and roles of local authorities, private sectors and citizens in (co-creative) healthy and sustainable urban planning, environmental governance, and driving innovation factors.

Contact person: Dr. Leendert van Bree